About Me



My name is Leo Moser and I'm passionate about - well, it's not easy to put into words. I love tinkering with electronics, programming my own games, using Machine Learning to do some cool things.

I have always wanted a deeper understanding of what is actually happening. That's why I went low level: Moving from C to Assembly to Verilog. Designing and soldering my own boards. Dissecting programs to see what they are actually made of.

That's what I'm really passionate about, all of these things and many more.

And I think you are too.

Why else would you be here?

I have written about some of my projects on this blog. Maybe they are useful to you, maybe they are just fun to read.

About the Website

This website was created with pelican and the m.css theme. It's a static website which means it doesn't bother with stuff like Javascript, PHP and databases. Just pure HTML and CSS.